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The Pillow and the Snake

Michael & Logan return for one final time to recap the reunion episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7. In this episode: Where in the world is Logan S...View Details

The Tongan Twister

Michael, Logan & Michelle are back once more to discuss the fourth episode of The Amazing Race 31 and its second leg in Ho Chi Minh City. In this ...View Details

Kinepolis Famous

Michael & Logan return and are very sleep-deprived to discuss the De Mol Belgie finale and the entire day in Antwerp’s Kinepolis! In this episod...View Details

Michael, Logan & Michelle prepare for an insane weekend by starting off the first of four Vietnam-themed recaps in a row with Amazing Race 31's th...View Details

The Mole Missionaries

Michael & Logan return for the antepenultimate time to talk about the eighth episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7. In this episode: There’s some ...View Details

Logan has escaped from his South African discotheque long enough to discuss the second episode of Amazing Race 31 with Michael & Michelle! In this...View Details

Mole is in the Bin

Michael & Logan return for their 200th episode together and to recap the seventh episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7! In this episode: Where in th...View Details

My Ox is Boneham!

Michael & Logan return and are joined by Michelle to recap the first episode of Amazing Race 31! In this episode: Where should you send all compla...View Details

The Queen of the Spice

Michael & Logan are back again to recap the sixth episode of De Mol Belgie 2019 and celebrate Michael's 250th episode! In this episode: How diffic...View Details