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No Nasty Surprises

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Femur in the Adriatic

Michael, Logan & Michelle return again to recap Amazing Race 31’s leg in Croatia. In this episode: Logan forgets where he was. Why did we forget...View Details

The Loudred Wedding

Michael, Logan & Michelle return to recap the eighth leg of Amazing Race 31 and the second half of its visit to Switzerland. In this episode: What...View Details

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Michael & Logan are back to discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of Amazing Race 31 and its visits to Dubai & Uganda! In this episode: Where i...View Details

Michael, Logan & Michelle prepare for an insane weekend by starting off the first of four Vietnam-themed recaps in a row with Amazing Race 31's th...View Details

Logan has escaped from his South African discotheque long enough to discuss the second episode of Amazing Race 31 with Michael & Michelle! In this...View Details

My Ox is Boneham!

Michael & Logan return and are joined by Michelle to recap the first episode of Amazing Race 31! In this episode: Where should you send all compla...View Details

Michael & Logan are caught off guard, but ready to go with this Amazing Race 31 Season Preview! In this episode: How do we decide the order of tea...View Details