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The Pillow and the Snake

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Kinepolis Famous

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The Mole Missionaries

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Mole is in the Bin

Michael & Logan return for their 200th episode together and to recap the seventh episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7! In this episode: Where in th...View Details

The Queen of the Spice

Michael & Logan are back again to recap the sixth episode of De Mol Belgie 2019 and celebrate Michael's 250th episode! In this episode: How diffic...View Details

Michael & Logan return for another episode recap of our favourite show every year – de Mol Belgie. In this episode: We go through Logan’s Facebook...View Details

The Motion on the Ocean

Michael & Logan return for a De Mol (Belgie) recap that is powered entirely by Red Bull and Coffee! In this episode: We’re both a bit sleep depriv...View Details

The Secret Magician

Michael & Logan return for a bumper De Mol Belgie recap as they delve into animals, rowing, martial arts and lies! In this episode: There’s an ext...View Details

New Mole, Who Dis?

Michael & Logan are back once more to recap the second episode of De Mol (Belgie) 2019 and to try and actually narrow down who the Mole could be! ...View Details