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It's our 300th episode, and what better way to celebrate than to do one of our most contentious episodes ever? In this episode, Michael, Logan, Anthon...View Details

Michelle & Ben finally return to recap the ninth week of Australian Survivor's third season. In this episode: Michelle talks Play School. Ben take...View Details

The Last Timtam-urai

For one week only, the Queens of the Island podcast becomes Royalty of the Island, as Michael steps into the breach and joins Michelle to recap the ei...View Details

Nine Beers In

Ben & Michelle return to recap the fourth week of Australian Survivor. In this episode: There's a quick recap of the previous two weeks that we've...View Details

Learn to Say Fudge

Ben & Michelle are back once more to discuss the second episode of Australian Survivor 3. In this episode: Abi Maria or Aubry? Ben channels Oliver...View Details

Squinty Lookalikes

Our lovable dictators Ben & Michelle are back and recapping Australian Survivor's first episode. In this episode: Ben & Michelle's respective ...View Details

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