Michael & Logan are back once more to chat to one of our podcast drunkles, Michael Rado. In this episode:

  • Rado tries to claim a title.
  • We accidentally date the podcast again.
  • What happened at the 29 finish line?
  • How was Rado cast?
  • Would Rado have made the same choice with all the options at the start line?
  • Who went on the trips they won?
  • Does Rado regret helping Brooke?
  • What happened when no-one was allowed to be friends?
  • Does Liz have magical map powers?
  • Mike critiques our impression.
  • A running joke bears fruit finally.
  • Why didn’t Rado meet Logan at the finale?
  • Where is the most convenient place for us all?
  • How sober was Logan at the 29 finale?
  • Michael discusses his favourite audition video again.
  • Why did Vanck & Ashton get U-Turned?
  • How would Rado have fared in Vietnam?
  • We obviously discuss the Scott scream.
  • Rado makes a tattoo bet.
  • What was the biggest thing we didn’t see?
  • What should you do if you accidentally encounter a wild Covino?
  • Logan gets exposed as being Uncanadian.
  • We take our usual Belgian Mole detour.
  • Were there any countries Rado was disappointed not to go to?
  • Did Mike & Liz prepare for a memory challenge?
  • Rado makes a swift exit.
  • And we make not at all timely predictions for Survivor New Zealand and South Africa by recording them before the most recent episodes aired.

We're back next week with another great guest - Brooke Camhi!

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