Lovin’ the Klinkers

Michael returns with a surprise appearance by WIDM supply teacher, Anthony Williams, to recap the fifth episode of Wie is de Mol 2019. In this episode:

  • We have two very different opinions on this episode.
  • How much does Anthony know about coffee?
  • Has Michael spotted a clue?
  • Do Niels' actions make him more or less suspicious?
  • Did Niels get Evelien cut?
  • What do we think of the season halfway through?
  • Did the Mole take a backseat this week?
  • Michael has a problem.
  • Why didn't we get a maximum prize for the car assignment?
  • How did Sarah get to go on the scaffold?
  • Everyone finally asks what we've been asking for weeks.
  • Anthony brings back his love of etherdiscipline.
  • Should you focus on five letter words?
  • We find the one TV show that Anthony wouldn't do.
  • Why does no-one suspect Niels?
  • Should you have a lijstbondje?
  • How did Sarah get to keep her phone?
  • Why did Sinan not want to abseil?
  • How would we do with an abseil?
  • Why is Logan the new Jamie?
  • We critique fashion choices.
  • Michael forgets a word.
  • We try and predict the Mole.
  • And who will go next?
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