The Pillow and the Snake

Michael & Logan return for one final time to recap the reunion episode of De Mol (Belgie) Season 7. In this episode:

  • Where in the world is Logan Saunders?
  • What is the state of Reality TV currently?
  • Logan has a money-saving tip.
  • Did Michael ever suspect Elisabet?
  • Have we had an impact?
  • Did anyone else get thank you notes?
  • Who owns the motorhome?
  • Would anyone ever say they didn’t want to be the Mole?
  • Why is Michael basically Martijn?
  • How close is this cast?
  • How tired were we following the finale?
  • Who was missing from the after-party?
  • How big is Canada compared to Belgium?
  • Why did one of the Mole tests hit close to home for us?
  • How did anyone ever suspect Ingrid?
  • Why did Eva & Kaat get ruled out?
  • Was anyone other than Elisabet ever going to get chosen?
  • What was the most egrigious thing about the entire reunion?
  • We exclusively reveal some more elements of the beach briefing.
  • Did Elisabet make a mistake at the boat challenge?
  • How did Elisabet play into the theme of the season?
  • Will anyone ever get a perfect 30?
  • Would Joeri have beaten Bas in the Final 4 quiz?
  • Michael got bamboozled!
  • Is Axel life goals?
  • Why did we hear from Bas' Personal Trainer?
  • One clue annoys us.
  • Why did Axel smash a glass?
  • Logan tries to turn the show into Price is Right.
  • What made this season so great for us?
  • Is De Mol responsible for our lack of enthusiasm for Amazing Race?
  • Why were there ten episodes this year?
  • And Logan forgets to mention something.


Thank you so much for listening all season and to both our Mole recap seasons! Thanks especially to Marieke & Natalia who subtitle the seasons for us and everyone at SBS who invited us to the finale this year. We'll be back Mole-wise in January for Wie is de Mol Season 20 before we return for De Mol 8! See you soon.

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