Feelbad Inc.

Wie is de Mol is back for a second round this year and having a renaissance, and so are we! Each week from now till the end of October, the two guys who somehow managed to stay awake through this snoozefest of an episode to talk about - Logan & Michael - will be analysing the gameplay, sharing theories and almost always being wrong about everything. In this episode, we say goodbye (again) to both Patrick and Ron!


Also this week: we wonder whether this twist will ever return, Nikkie & Tygo's absence is noted, we question whether anyone actually enjoyed their trip to Elba, no-one is sad to hear Michael's dulcet tones, the challenge's fairness is questioned, there's a rare (small) bit of Amazing Race praise, Logan reveals the worst thing about the execution and we lock-in our suspects and next elimination guesses before taking a look at the First Suspicions list.


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! Thank you as always to Marieke for subtitling - we will see you next week!

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