The Triangle of Suspicion

Wie is de Mol is back for a second round this year and having a renaissance, and so are we! Each week from now till the end of October, the two guys who are 6% convinced that Tygo could still be the Mole - Logan & Michael - will be analysing the gameplay, sharing theories and almost always being wrong about everything. In this episode, we say goodbye (again) to Peggy, and also rule out Tygo as Mole!


Also this week, we wonder whether Peggy was hard done by, one of the Old Moles proves to be a very interesting choice, Michael reveals a potential pre-season spoiler, history is broken thanks to both the maximum pot and filming schedule, Logan searches for an analogy, we try and work out what a satisfying ending would be, there's a really awkward potential piece of comedy coming and Michael tries to brighten everyone's day with some upcoming Mole news.


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! Thank you as always to Marieke for subtitling - we will see you next week for the reunion and reveal!

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