Logan goes solo and sits down to discuss everything Amazing Race 2 with Alex Boylan! In this episode:

  • Does Alex remember Fat Maria?
  • Did Chris & Alex get a call for 31?
  • How many pairs of jeans does Chris own?
  • What is Alex’s casting story?
  • Logan & Alex bond over using VCRs.
  • Were there any fake-out visas?
  • What sort of upbringing did Alex have?
  • How did the alliance with Tara & Wil come about?
  • What would Alex redo about high school?
  • Who does Alex keep in touch with?
  • How did Jeff Schroeder get cast on Around The World For Free?
  • Does Alex still watch Amazing Race?
  • How has Amazing Race changed?
  • Alex discusses South African wineries.
  • Was money an issue?
  • What is the most difficult non-elimination penalty?
  • Did Chris & Alex have a strategy?
  • Why were Chris & Alex listed as “Bouncers”?
  • Logan looks for the new Jack Shack.
  • Did Blake & Paige get a time credit?
  • How would Chris & Alex have done on a Final Memory Challenge?
  • Does Alex have any Gary & Dave stories?
  • How aware was everyone of Fern?
  • Logan teaches Alex about Meggings.
  • What was the biggest contributor to Chris & Alex winning?
  • How much bad luck did Shola & Doyin have?
  • Is Season 2 the closest finish ever?
  • What was the best preparation that Alex did?
  • How did Amazing Race get Alex a career?
  • Which country is next?
  • Is there anything else Alex wants everyone to know?
  • Alex learns about Total Drama Island.
  • And then faces the quickfire questions.
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