Knitting with Donald Duck

Michael & Logan return to preview the upcoming season of The Amazing Race. In this episode:

  • Why is the podcast delayed?
  • Everyone has odd hobbies.
  • CBS get criticised.
  • Why would Shamir hate Ted from Survivor: Thailand?
  • What is the new Wonderful Indonesia?
  • Will TAR get Season 30?
  • Logan is obsessed with the Balkans.
  • A klaxon goes off.
  • We talk weightlifting.
  • Someone breaks the MH rules.
  • What type of partner should you actually want?
  • Who is the new Hayley?
  • The world hide & seek champion re-emerges.
  • What big change has happened with the casting this season?
  • Why is the cast so young?
  • There’s some terrible Boston accents.
  • Michael has a new favourite.
  • Logan raps.
  • Someone wants to meet Phil’s dad.
  • We learn about wrestling.
  • Kim Possible is somehow relevant.
  • How big is Missouri?
  • We get annoyed at how good someone’s biography is.
  • Someone needs to learn about bottled water.
  • Does London play video games?
  • Logan refuses an impression.
  • Donald Duck makes an appearance.
  • JK returns.
  • Should you use emoticons on biographies?
  • The US hates rugby.
  • Michael has been ruining songs.
  • Logan has two degrees of separation from a Racer.
  • Why do casual fans hate Redmond?
  • And someone sets the record for the least amount of time that we speak about them.

Thank you for listening - we'll be back every week to recap the episodes!

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