The Flo-nly One

Spend your train ride doing something productive, as we are back for our first ever season of old Amazing Race recaps - Amazing Race 3! Over these thirteen weeks, three people who try not to berate each other too much - Logan, Michael & Michelle are recapping the season, continuing with the sixth leg and elimination of Aaron & Arianne!

In this episode, we discuss the most iconic moment of the sixth leg, Michael spots an error, Phil is obsessed with Teri & Ian being ancient, we wonder why "Team 911" has disappeared again, a future Racer may have learned the wrong lesson from this episode, there's some more delicious foreshadowing, we try and work out whether Zach should have stayed silent over the Fast Forward, Teri is a trailblazer, we discuss the infamous Floadblock, the Andre & Damon arrest scene is even tougher to watch nineteen years later, we look at Aaron & Arianne's bio, we look forward to next week's very fun episode and we wonder whether current teams would get a time credit if they were detained nowadays.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Logan, Michael & Michelle directly! Thank you for listening - we will see you next week for Leg 7!

Please note: This episode is intended on being spoiler-free - however, as with our other historical recaps, this episode may contain references to episodes that we have already covered - namely from Seasons 23-32; Australia 3; Canada 2-5 and Asia 5. These episodes do skirt the lines of spoilers a little more than normal, due to the slightly more...infamous aspects of the season.

Additional note: None of us expected this season to be so fun six episodes in - strap in for the remaining seven legs!

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