A Look of the Flanarys

Michael & Logan return for the first time in what feels like forever to preview the upcoming Amazing Race season which begins on January 3rd. In this feature-length preview:

  • We date the podcast slightly by discussing Logan's love life.
  • CBS have been up to their old tricks of ruining everything for us.
  • Will we get TAR 31 in 2018?
  • CTV continue to shock us.
  • Which team is a less useless version of Shahla & Nabeela?
  • Some Racers get sent back to maths lessons.
  • Someone finally breaks the Italy curse.
  • We try to get a return for Mika & Canaan.
  • One team spoils our fun.
  • What may sink April & Sarah?
  • Team names make Michael nauseous.
  • We try not to spoil any unannounced locations.
  • Logan brings up 24.
  • We skirt around The Good Place spoilers.
  • Teams get new ridiculous fears.
  • Which team is most likely to get Trapped in the Drive Thru?
  • What is our issue with a "Champions" season?
  • Tim Horton's has finally come to the UK and Michael is excited.
  • We both have the same first boots in mind.
  • What is the worst country?
  • One team risks falling foul of the Roadblock rule.
  • We notice a lot of job sharing.
  • One team gives us Ernie & Cindy vibes.
  • Logan premieres a new impression.
  • We give some sartorial advice.
  • Does one team's job prevent them from becoming independent travellers?
  • Who is the Amazing Race version of Chris Traeger?
  • Logan gets caught in a lie, in a conversation that Joey Covino would love.
  • What is a fight strap?
  • Is one team a bit too...privileged?
  • Where has Monty gone?
  • How do you leave Venezuela?
  • We discuss the latest off-show relationship.
  • Why do twins never win?
  • One of Logan's favourite references returns.
  • Someone has a really crappy fear.
  • Logan cannot pronounce Indonesian placenames.
  • Michael gets corrected.
  • Someone gets awarded the Best Lookalike in podcast history.
  • And we try not to talk about one particular team.

We'll be back in January for the season recaps!

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