Michael & Logan are caught off guard, but ready to go with this Amazing Race 31 Season Preview! In this episode:

  • How do we decide the order of teams in a preview?
  • We have a quick catch-up for those of you who don’t watch the Benelux Moles.
  • Why is Michael spoiled?
  • What is going on with the pre-season information?
  • Who knows each other going into the season?
  • Who got a call for 31?
  • We have an exclusive announcement for the upcoming episodes.
  • Who’s raced in previous locations? (Be warned: location spoilers – skip to 21:21 if you don’t want to know any!)
  • Will Art & JJ live up to their legacy?
  • Should we be shocked by the Racers being the most formidable opponents?
  • How can we summarise this cast?
  • Just how long is it since Colin & Christie were last on?
  • Who will Art & JJ try and expose this season?
  • Is Podcast Host a job?
  • Was everyone given instructions to avoid mentioning Italy?
  • Will we see Double-Battles again?
  • Six years of practice has completely not helped our Rupert Boneham impressions.
  • Where does Rupert want to go?
  • We have a lot of fun with Rachel’s job list.
  • Which shows has Rachel won?
  • What difference does Elitha make?
  • What scares Logan more than flying?
  • Why were Rachel & Elissa cast as a pair?
  • Have we learnt anything from Amazing Race 28?
  • How did Corinne dupe Logan?
  • Why will Amazing Race never go to Bhutan?
  • Is being on the Race something to be proud of?
  • Michael brings tax into the podcast.
  • What should Floyd’s fear have been?
  • There’s unexpected savagery from the Afghanimals.
  • Jamal gets a lesson in branding.
  • Does Joey Covino have a link to this season?
  • Where is the most extreme place on Earth?
  • How were Chris & Bret cast?
  • Michael threatens to cancel the season.
  • Who are the Gina & Sylvia of this season?
  • There’s a reasonably topical joke about American Politics.
  • Do Big Brother Houseguests have a coffee problem?
  • We get genuinely excited to discuss one team.
  • What has happened to Colin & Christie in sixteen years?
  • Who will be the new Charla & Mirna?
  • Logan learns what reiki is.
  • How would they do a leg in Antarctica?
  • And there’s a genuine surprise for Logan as Michael gets him a present for his 200th episode.

We will be back every Sunday for our recaps!

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