A Little Less Shut-eye

Shout loudly, as we are back for Amazing Race 32! Each week from now until the end of the season (and who knows when that'll be at this rate?), the two guys who are already there, take a look around - Michael & Logan are recapping the season, continuing with the fifth episode this week and the shocking elimination of James & Will!

In this episode, one team thinks they may be heading home, we lament Alex Trebek's death, someone shows they have some driving training, Logan compares someone to Pokémon, we wonder why the Speed Bump was so odd, we reveal where Elimination Station was, there's an unaired Fast Forward and we wonder whether there's another non-elimination episode on the horizon.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! Thank you for listening - we will see you next Sunday for the sixth and seventh legs!

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