Michael & Logan return to recap the second episode of Amazing Race Asia 5. In this episode:

  • Logan tries to give himself a new nickname.
  • Michael gets distracted by ondel-ondels again.
  • We talk about Pokemon Sun & Moon.
  • We celebrate the wonderful return of pwuns.
  • TARA producers get a petition of their very own.
  • We judge people who do stupid things.
  • Logan tries to get us some sponsorship.
  • We hear the dirtiest joke that Logan has told in 125 podcasts.
  • Who is the new Joey "Fitness" & Danny?
  • What is Indonesia famous for?
  • We manage not to be mean about a task for once.
  • Hunter Ben gets some Asian recruits.
  • Another Detour rule is christened.
  • Logan thinks that all Tongans are related.
  • Michael solves the mystery of why JK has an elbow brace.
  • How much is Logan's forehead worth?
  • We talk about Fear Factor (and not even Wu's appearance!)
  • Anita gets braggy.
  • Who wouldn't have done the Roadblock?
  • Logan throws in the towel on impressions before become slightly racist.
  • Tara Basro gets slighted.
  • What does Allan Wu smell of?
  • Who is more Ika Bula?
  • Logan makes three interruptions.
  • We get annoyed at "scissors, paper, stone".
  • Someone carries a donkey.
  • We talk audition videos.
  • We commend the amount of swearing.
  • And we tease a celebrity appearance for next week.
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