Michael & Logan return to recap the third episode of Amazing Race Asia 5. In this episode:

  • We tease a guest-star from a YouTube superstar next week.
  • Sneaky Instagram Follows.
  • One team gets a penalty for abseiling home.
  • Logan still can't tell teams apart.
  • Someone gets a downgrade.
  • Who is living up to their pre-season reputation?
  • We get surprised that a wedding wasn't delayed.
  • Where was Tara Basro?
  • Allan Wu launches a YouTube channel.
  • One sponsor slowly takes over.
  • One Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild dungeon is exclusively revealed.
  • Does God work in insurance?
  • Michael is a partial jerk.
  • Who is the MVP of the episode?
  • Logan is Marked for Elimination.
  • One Racer is compared to Will Smith songs.
  • What is a superleg?
  • Logan makes a vile comparison.
  • Chinese Doppelgangers.
  • What is detour theory?
  • Doggy fitness classes.
  • What did Tom do to the pedal?
  • Were the trishaws sabotaged?
  • One team gets an unaired penalty.
  • We reveal a clause in Zabrina & Joe Jer's contracts.
  • What is the motivational quote of the week?
  • We have the whitest thing ever created.
  • Wu singles one team out.
  • Will we get a Speed Bump?
  • Filipino Grudge Matches.
  • Logan becomes a radio producer.
  • And Wu will be eliminated...next?
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