Sun’s Out, Wuns Out

Michael & Logan are - for the first time this season - joined by Ben to recap the fourth episode of Amazing Race Asia 5. In this episode:

  • We start a war with one team.
  • Ben is confused by the word "detour".
  • What is the honeymoon that Eric & Rona asked for?
  • Michael explains the current trend for non-elimination penalties.
  • One Racer gives their team a time penalty.
  • Wu avoids a pun for the first time in his life.
  • What clues did Vicky & Rachel *actually* receive?
  • What was on JK's brochure?
  • One sponsor takes on a very inappropriate side-business.
  • Why do people come to the podcast?
  • How would Louisa & Treasuri fare if the Race ended now?
  • Ben & Logan talk about The Simpsons.
  • Eric & Rona spoil everything.
  • Jorts or Meggings?
  • Two Racers compete to be mean to elephants.
  • Logan actually does a good impression.
  • Gladiators or Age of Empires?
  • Logan makes a pitch on behalf of Elias Theodorou again.
  • Who is the Elizabeth Taylor of The Amazing Race Asia?
  • Where was Tara Basro this week?
  • How can you tell if a pirate is Malaysian?
  • One-sided rivalries occur.
  • Teams make a brief detour to South-East China.
  • Logan talks about movies from 1996.
  • One team tries not to impress JK & Mike.
  • How does the Roadblock prove that everyone is better than Brian Heidik?
  • We exclusively reveal the Roadblock for the Vietnam leg.
  • There's two proclamations of love.
  • Cameraman cameos.
  • How do you sit cross-legged?
  • What does Eric *actually* eat for breakfast?
  • Ben talks Tomb Raider.
  • Logan is Psychic.
  • Who is the David Hasselhoff of the podcast?
  • Parul & Maggie annoy Ben.
  • We acknowledge Racers liking our posts.
  • And stay tuned for the most ridiculous stinger in 38 episodes.
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