The Taraminator

Michael & Logan return once more to recap Amazing Race Asia 5's fifth episode and visit to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! In this episode:

  • Logan requests a harsher introduction.
  • We describe the Roadblock as horrific.
  • We add a sixth course, which is quickly made sinister thanks to Logan.
  • Why did we see the Fast Forward?
  • A former Survivor contestant joins us.
  • Logan's coworkers have finally seen an episode of The Amazing Race.
  • We talk about classic Fast Forwards.
  • How did Tom & Anita screw over Alex & Will?
  • Our roles reverse when it comes to telling Alex & Will apart.
  • We avoid Dong jokes for once.
  • Amazing Race Asia sets a new precedent.
  • Logan tests Michael's colourblindness.
  • We learn about Logan's family.
  • We finally mention the unused and unaired Yield from last week.
  • What will Michael's Amazing Race t-shirt say?
  • What do you leave out for Vietnamese Santa Claus?
  • Michael creates a detour.
  • Why would it have been a good thing for everyone to attempt the Fast Forward?
  • Logan has never seen Lost.
  • We rank Reality TV vomits.
  • Logan promises to learn a rap.
  • Alex & Will need to go to pun school.
  • Michael puts his foot down about having more rewritten songs appear on the podcast.
  • What are the stereotypes for an Indonesian?
  • What is Allan Wu afraid of?
  • There's another outlandish Tara Basro hiding place.
  • The Roadblock did not obtain the Louisiana Gravedigger seal of approval.
  • Michael reveals a surprise that is waiting for Logan in Spain.
  • Vietnam does have KFC, guys.
  • Wu gets an acting role.
  • There's more talk of Vietnam's traffic.
  • How would we have dealt with the eating challenge?
  • The Racers are ungrateful.
  • The Bucket of Disappwuval is coined.
  • What shows did the Racers watch in sequester?
  • Just how well are Treasuri & Louisa doing?
  • Was the leg prize rigged?
  • One Racer checks into Rue Manor.
  • One team has an obvious winners' edit.
  • Logan is obsessed with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.
  • And Wu will be
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