Six Seasons and a Wu-vie

Michael & Logan return to recap the sixth episode of Amazing Race Asia 5 and its visit to Manila & Vigan, Philippines. In this episode:

  • We defend our beloved Vietnamese lesbians after yet another cruel elimination.
  • Why does Tara Basro have short hair?
  • Does Wu hate Alex & Will?
  • What would Wu's finishing move in wrestling be?
  • Obviously, we talk about Pokémon, Phoenix Wright & Pullblox.
  • Will Logan get jet lag?
  • Production get lots of credit for the Active Route Info.
  • Logan makes our discussion on the Philippines really dark.
  • Where will Amazing Race Canada 5 go to?
  • We ask Monty & Wu to be friends.
  • What is the one thing we both want for Christmas?
  • Who are the Anton & Armand of the season?
  • Two of the final five get ruled out.
  • Michael becomes the US.
  • Logan confuses his Filipino markets.
  • There's some surprising questions.
  • Logan is still slightly racist.
  • Why is Michael's voice so bad?
  • We advocate Amazing Race Asia: All-Stars.
  • What went unaired in the Active Route Info?
  • How can one team get compliments from Michael?
  • Why did teams have to go by tricycle?
  • Who did Production dub an "ungrateful little shit"?
  • Why was the Roadblock a bit Mole-ish?
  • Just how famous are Parul & Maggie?
  • Which Racer was shortlisted to play Superman?
  • Logan requests a new detour.
  • There's another terrible impression.
  • Weird Al is slightly inappropriate in Vietnam.
  • Why did Louisa & Treasuri not do Carabao Karaoke?
  • Why did Michael spend last weekend watching Fear Factor?
  • Yields are better than U-Turns.
  • How would we improve Amazing Race Canada?
  • Eric's dance moves are critiqued.
  • Why was Michael's copy missing the first place check-in?
  • How did the Official Page spoil us?
  • Who is going to win?
  • And Wu will (not) be
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