MagikWupa’s Revenge

Michael & Logan return to recap the seventh episode of Amazing Race Asia's fifth season, and its visit to Singapore! In this episode:

  • We suggest a Comedy Central Roast for the end of the season
  • Why shouldn’t we be allowed to be criticised?
  • What is Dengue Fever?
  • Why did we see another Sentosa visit?
  • Producers need to get more charitable.
  • Logan can finally tell Asian people apart.
  • We ask one Racer to create an impression of their own.
  • There’s some more praise for the production values.
  • Which city is named after a singer?
  • Why did Tara Basro cross the wrong people?
  • How do you spot a harlequin filefish?
  • Why has Singapore banned chewing gum?
  • What is the Australian rite of passage during puberty?
  • Two characters from Winnie the Pooh are affected by a restraining order.
  • Two teammates threaten to fall out over fish.
  • Is Pennybags from Monopoly Singaporean?
  • Logan makes us all lose The Game.
  • Who the hell is Devilfish?
  • One Racer goes a bit Disney.
  • Michael talks far too much about going to Singapore.
  • We prove how psychic we were in a fake podcast.
  • Is TARA suffering from budget cuts?
  • We suggest a new online show for next week.
  • Why are we the Black Eyed Peas of Amazing Race Asia?
  • One driver is the new Wilson from Home Improvement.
  • Why should Logan have done Skate Rat?
  • We discuss Amazing Race Canada reunion shows.
  • Why did JK try and hit Mike in the eye again?
  • What is a Harmstone family tradition on holiday?
  • What is Treasuri’s superpower?
  • One Racer should have laid off the GTA.
  • We talk about the current averages.
  • Why did it take Mike seven legs to have fun?
  • What do Racers tell their children about us?
  • What is the best James Bond theme?
  • Who doesn’t want to become the new Anton & Armand?
  • Who is our least favourite Amazing Race host?
  • If Parul & Logan were courting, who would chase after the other?
  • Where does Michael gets his ridiculously long introductions for the finales from?
  • Wu offers a choice of “eat or compete?”
  • One TAR host offers an interesting proposition to some Survivor contestants.
  • Will we see another Wu-turn?
  • Wu will be eliminated…next?
  • And why can’t we mock teams getting emotional over missing family?
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