Finding Tara

Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Asia 5's eighth leg and visit to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and to celebrate Michael's 150th podcast on RTV Warriors! In this episode:

  • How is Michael celebrating 150 podcasts?
  • We discuss the latest Amazing Race Canada news.
  • Just what *was* in the bitter concoction?
  • Logan ruins a joke.
  • Are we running out of material?
  • One Racer goes a bit Jillian Maclaughlin.
  • It all goes a bit Lewis Carroll.
  • Everyone becomes a Pokémon.
  • Not the comfy chairs!
  • How would HaMerotz have done this Speed Bump?
  • What did JK call Treasuri?
  • Logan breaks another promise.
  • We try to sell out again.
  • There's a review of Indonesian music.
  • Asia's Fairy-type legendary attacks.
  • Michael gets some movie education.
  • Logan learns more about ferries.
  • Did JK & Mike have a gameplan for the lounge?
  • Where does the Speed Bump rank?
  • The Roadblock gets a lot of praise.
  • Who is the most ill-suited Racer ever?
  • Tara Basro adds another wrinkle to a task.
  • Michael's rock-paper-scissors rant returns.
  • There's varying degrees of references to modern music.
  • Logan falls back into his old ways.
  • We relish one Racer facing their fears.
  • We ask for more costumes.
  • The winners' edit strengthens.
  • Logan talks about Apprentice US.
  • Who is the Asian Heidi Strobel?
  • Why does Indonesia love double names?
  • How should you approach the second Roadblock?
  • Michael reveals the best subplot of the season.
  • One Racer's viewing habits are revealed.
  • We pitch Grand Theft Auto: Singapore.
  • Is Tara Basro an amnesiac?
  • We discuss yet another unused twist.
  • There's an inappropriate eulogy.
  • Wu will be the final elimination?
  • And we tease what we have planned for the New Year.
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