Learning Your TAR-ABCs

Michael & Logan are back to recap Amazing Race Asia 5's ninth episode and visit to Banyuwangi, Wonderful Indonesia. In this episode:

  • We breakdown a breakdown of last week's podcast.
  • Logan interrupts the intro. Again.
  • We underestimated Lisa & Nicole.
  • What is Logan's favourite Canadian film?
  • Eric & Rona face another "special brew".
  • How much money did teams get?
  • One team tries to pander to sponsors.
  • An alliance is formed at a gig.
  • Who are the new Jess & Lani?
  • Why did Parul cover her shirt up?
  • Does the Philippines have the letter "o"?
  • We sympathise with the lonely coffee guy.
  • Logan has learnt something about Mormons.
  • What were the secret ingredients in the "special brew"?
  • Why was the hike up Kawah Ijen really mean?
  • Michael refuses to do an impression.
  • Cruella deVil channels Eric.
  • Some Racers become aware of their own mortalities.
  • How international is Amazing Race Asia?
  • Is this the final U-Turn of the season?
  • There's another wonderful editing joke.
  • Michael defends production.
  • It all goes a bit Chamillionaire.
  • All of Logan's Amazing Race dreams come true.
  • The US franchise gets an unlikely supporter.
  • Why does Amazing Race Canada suck?
  • Why did teams go a bit Kenny from South Park?
  • For once, calling someone "Uncle" isn't inappropriate.
  • Do Yields require courage?
  • Editors try and trick us.
  • Are Louisa & Treasuri bitter?
  • Who are the Filipino VoldeMussolinis?
  • Amazing Race Asia goes blackface.
  • We discuss limited stations detours.
  • Will Amazing Race Asia 6 get a new sponsor?
  • Why do we love Amazing Race Asia so much?
  • Can Tara Basro spell?
  • Logan discriminates against colourblind people again.
  • Why does one Racer need a shave?
  • There's a request for more penalties.
  • Wu gets insensitive.
  • How should the Pit Stop have been meaner?
  • Logan shows his knowledge of all-female teams.
  • And Wu...will WIN?
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