Balinese Catac-Wumbs

Michael & Logan return for the final time this season to recap the final episode of Amazing Race Asia 5 and its visit to Bali, Wonderful Indonesia. In this episode:

  • Why is Logan so damn excited?
  • It gets a bit gloaty.
  • Michael springs a surprise.
  • When is an Auntie not a Big Sister?
  • Should we do a Re-Wunion show?
  • Deputy Minister Patana is back!
  • Did the Finish Line make history?
  • The finale was filthy.
  • Why do Balinese taxis drive slow?
  • Logan wonders about Boko Haram.
  • Is TARA rigged?
  • Michael regrets that a running joke is unavailable.
  • One team gets a seal of appWuval.
  • The Canadian Kayak Hockey guy returns for one last appearance.
  • We talk about the "300th" leg of the US seasons.
  • Christmas isn't right in a hot climate.
  • Michael prepares Logan for Christmas.
  • Why was the Finish Line location chosen?
  • How Australian is Eric?
  • Why was there no safety judge for paddling?
  • Travis Touchdown is mentioned.
  • Michael misses one eliminated team for the first time ever.
  • There's one final outing for an impression.
  • One team had terrible planning.
  • What will TARA6's prize fund be?
  • We make up for one glaring omission last week.
  • Logan gets fact-checked.
  • How many hours have Michael & Logan actually podcasted together?
  • What should have been on the coconuts?
  • Who is the Dennis Eckersley of TARA?
  • "Where's Tara?" returns for one final time.
  • Did Tara Basro listen to our preview?
  • Logan pitches an interview.
  • Deputy Minister Patana gets a new job.
  • What do we think of the winners?
  • Can Logan tell Alex & Will apart?
  • Did Eric & Rona choke?
  • Was this a tough memory challenge?
  • And we answer the ultimate question - why was TARA5 so good?
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