Michael & Logan return to recap Amazing Race Canada 4’s visit to Havana, Cuba, which aired at a special event in Toronto last night. This week:

  • Logan gets his banks confused.
  • Everyone hates Uraguay.
  • We talk about Amazing Race France.
  • James Duthie does impressions.
  • Logan learns about Hampstead Heath.
  • Is this season a bit communist?
  • Another of Ashley’s fears is revealed.
  • Some Big Brother Canada news is broken.
  • Monty gets his own paintballs.
  • Who is the Amazing Race Canada version of Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’s Make-a-wish kid?
  • Everything goes a bit Big Brother 18.
  • We learn more fun facts about Logan’s life.
  • Logan learns about the Cambridge Latin Course.
  • There’s some ball dudes.
  • Someone wears the Cone of Shame.
  • No-one demands Sash from Survivor: Nicaragua.
  • Someone wins the best prize pack in Amazing Race Canada history.
  • Was Steph & Kristen’s last place penalty unfair?
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