Mrs Universe, Everyone

Michael & Logan return at the very last minute to preview Amazing Race Canada 4's cast! This week:

  • Casual fans still hate beauty queens.
  • CTV's euphemism game returns.
  • Why not being first can be a good thing.
  • Logan has never seen Scrubs.
  • Another question in the biographies annoys Michael.
  • Logan tries his hand at British current affairs.
  • What sort of rock & roll lifestyle does Michael lead on holiday?
  • Michael falls asleep.
  • Logan writes some Amazing Race Canada 3 fan fiction.
  • What does Ashley promote?
  • Punslinging crushes.
  • Confusing promo pictures.
  • Michael has a list of reasons why everyone should be a fan of one team.
  • Who is the Canadian Fonzie?
  • Michael is a cop-ote.
  • What is the worst case Big Brother Canada crossover?
  • The Social goes Global.
  • What is the worst US state?
  • Logan shows off his kids' TV knowledge.
  • Why TARC's world firsts may bode well for the season.
  • Logan compares lesbians.
  • All world trips visit Sudbury.
  • Michael's promise of a berating for one team goes in a surprising turn (thanks to Brexit).
  • We ask producers not to troll for once.
  • Logan starts a taxi business.
  • How to guess an ice hockey player.
  • Two American Racers visit.
  • Does production put exes together?
  • Asian Bodybreak.
  • Logan gets introspective.
  • Mermaids are real, damnit.
  • And one team gets the VoldeMussolini treatment.
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