Sister Burn

Logan & Michael return slightly later than planned to recap the seventh episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and its visit to Newfoundland. In this episode:

  • We’ve reached breaking point.
  • We confirm a permanent change.
  • We discuss an Amazing Race season that we actually are still interested in.
  • There’s some discussion about Canadian dentistry.
  • Why did the Race return to Newfoundland?
  • There’s way too many Ks.
  • Michael hates messages from home.
  • Why wasn’t Sam’s medical school named?
  • Someone comes forward with some behind-the-scenes information, but is it actually true?
  • The Double-Battle still proves to be a bit crap.
  • There’s an update on the Give’rs.
  • Someone gets a swearing parrot.
  • Where can Amazing Race Canada actually go anymore?
  • Why do people hate the Globetrotters?
  • Should we introduce audio description?
  • What is an oar?
  • Logan gets hair envy.
  • There’s a basketball diversion.
  • When will the face cream clip return?
  • We’re over 150 challenges.
  • When is a sibling not a sibling?
  • Which team is most like The General?
  • We had wildly different birthday parties.
  • What are the requirements to meet Allan Wu?
  • Logan hands out medical advice.
  • Monty has some rules.
  • What would our Roadblock strategy be?
  • We dissect the jokes.
  • One Racer describes us perfectly.
  • Why were Sam & Paul extra lucky?
  • We obviously plot for the return of After the Race.
  • What should you have done at the Double-Battle?
  • What is our main criticism of Amazing Race Canada 5?
  • Have the tasks been too easy?
  • We make a bet (with actual money involved!)
  • And who will (not) be eliminated next?
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