Attacking the Grizzly

Logan & Michael return to recap the eighth episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and its visit to Panama. In this episode:

  • Logan bumbles his way through a chat about Hunted.
  • When did we do a fractional podcast before?
  • Two records get broken.
  • When do teams have to give their money back?
  • When has Canada ever been an influence?
  • What would the teams do with a million dollars?
  • Has one team become charitable?
  • How would the flag challenge work with Canada?
  • Logan tells a story about his friend from school and a bear.
  • What else can you kayak in?
  • We have some more terrible accents.
  • Does gravy actually contain meat?
  • Shockingly, we actually praise something about this season.
  • How often do riot police appear in Manchester?
  • One racer is followed by a man named Bill.
  • Why would Logan have picked boxing?
  • Why hasn’t Monty been demonstrating any tasks?
  • What is the tactic for the beer detour?
  • Who actually has a winners’ edit?
  • Korey is forgetful again.
  • We promise to be on our best behaviour next week.
  • We take your questions.
  • And who will be eliminated next?
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