Logan & Michael return to recap the ninth episode of Amazing Race Canada 5 and its visit to Saskatchewan. In this episode:

  • What would Michael’s BMO wish be?
  • Have the Press Pictures spoiled the final three?
  • Why hasn’t this season worked?
  • What did Production learn from our retrospective last year?
  • Production loves Ontario!
  • What is the one bit of Product Placement that has ever worked?
  • Is fruit a good breakfast?
  • One team advocates a hairstyle.
  • Could there have been some actors this week?
  • We finally find an impression that Logan can do.
  • Why is Michael like Kevin & Ryan?
  • Logan is the anti-Zev.
  • When is a superfan not a superfan?
  • In the absence of reason, we speculate wildly on one team’s relationship.
  • What should the Race Play questions be?
  • We give some wedding shoutouts.
  • A record is broken.
  • Was this the weakest detour ever?
  • Is there a theme to the last two legs?
  • We set superfan Alex a challenge.
  • Even puns have become tedious.
  • Has anyone heard of the Snowbirds?
  • And we look forward to next week.
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