Logan & Michael return for the final time to recap Amazing Race Canada 5’s final episode. In this episode:

  • Is this our final Amazing Race Canada episode ever?
  • Just how bad was this season?
  • We break down the After the Race special.
  • Logan gets corrected.
  • Why did this leg remind us of Cat & Jesse?
  • What is Michael’s reputation at work?
  • We roll out the Greatest Hits.
  • Why should every argument end with the word “over”?
  • How can anyone hate Sam & Paul?
  • There’s the final Give’r update.
  • CTV have been up to their old tricks.
  • We finally find something that we have in common.
  • We extol the virtues of chocolate eggs.
  • Why are Logan’s impressions not like Ghostbusters?
  • Michael shows off his superhero knowledge.
  • One team gets their own university.
  • Michael is smug.
  • Why have production been watching Family Edition?
  • How did the Final Memory challenge make this season look worse?
  • Logan drops some cold hard stat bombs.
  • What should Production be proud of?
  • Why did Ebonie not show up for After the Race?
  • Have Production stolen Logan’s material?
  • Michael’s favourite moment of the season returns.
  • Will Sam & Paul keep their cars?
  • Where do Sam & Paul fit in the winners’ pantheon?
  • Are Kevin & Ryan as bad as the VoldeMussolinis?
  • We try desperately to find some positives in this season.
  • Will we see All-Stars next year?
  • How much of the latest Survivor season has Michael seen?
  • Why is Amazing Race Canada 5 like an infection?
  • What does Give’r really sound like?
  • We discuss Monty’s extra-curricular activities.
  • Logan reignites a feud.
  • How can Pirate Master describe how we feel?
  • And what’s next?
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