The Last Timtam-urai

For one week only, the Queens of the Island podcast becomes Royalty of the Island, as Michael steps into the breach and joins Michelle to recap the eighth week of Australian Survivor. In this episode:

  • The three missing weeks are quickly recapped.
  • Michelle hates Letters from Home.
  • Michael locks in his predictions.
  • Michelle reveals she has friends.
  • How does a Jury really vote?
  • What is the biggest move in Survivor history?
  • Who is the prettiest girl in the cast?
  • We talk about the Jury Villa.
  • Getting intimate with Survivor hosts.
  • Why is Michael taking drinks orders?
  • We look ahead to Finale Week.
  • Are Aussies having way more fun than Americans?
  • Pringles disgust Michael.
  • Did Brooke throw the Reward Challenge?
  • Michelle loses it over pants.
  • Kristie can win challenges.
  • Is the Last Timtam more or less important than the Last Rolo?
  • Why was the Immunity Challenge watered down?
  • One host has the tables turn on them.
  • What is the Australian equivalent of a taco stand?
  • Who was showing Survivor Chic?
  • And did the Jury get a bit drunk?
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