Michelle & Ben finally return to recap the ninth week of Australian Survivor's third season. In this episode:

  • Michelle talks Play School.
  • Ben takes umbrage with some self-righteousness.
  • Someone enjoys writing in the sand.
  • One contestant needs to sunbathe a bit more.
  • Ben starts getting annoyed with people.
  • Who is an underdog?
  • Is there such a thing as a cold Sydney?
  • What is the most important reason why people win?
  • Michelle loves the smell of clean hair.
  • There's always a worse option.
  • Kristie is terrible at putting liquid in Flick's mouth.
  • Ben teaches us a hangover cure.
  • There's nothing wrong with telling people they're going home.
  • Who were the control freak tribe?
  • We celebrate the annual "Stand like you're taking a dump challenge".
  • Michelle says the word "different" far too many times.
  • What is a stupid move?
  • Who is the Purple Kelly of the jury?
  • Probst is still ridiculous.
  • Who is the Woo of the season?
  • Ben really misses the castaway who was eliminated.
  • Michelle is going to a Survivor viewing party, just to see one US castaway's eyes.
  • And who will win?
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