Moling at First Sight

Say "Thank You, Please!" to any waiters you meet, as we are back for De Mol België's tenth season! Over these nine episodes, two guys who will massage for pasvragen - Logan & Michael - are trying to avoid barking up the wrong tree and falling for Papa Bear's dastardly tricks and traps, aiming to answer that one elusive question - who the newest Mole is in this season set in the Canary Islands, continuing with the second episode and Tied Destinies elimination of Jens & Toon!

In this episode - Michael gets trapped in a parade, we reminisce on Logan's first Europe trip, there is more evidence of Canary Islands being a sequel to Germany, we have a question for Gilles, Logan says fiancée, we struggle to tell two contestants apart, Toon gets placed on the naughty step, Michael tries to get into Emanuelle's mind, Europe loves Wheatus, we try and work out how to distract a pirate, the Lion Problem returns, we wonder if it would have been a step too far for the Mole to switch partners, Gilles trolls the eliminated pair, there is the first update to our Pool and First Suspicions and we reveal who we suspect.

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We will see you next week for Episode 3!

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