Leave the dude alone, as we are back for De Mol België's tenth season! Over these nine episodes, two guys who are neither drunk nor tattooed - Logan & Michael - are trying to avoid barking up the wrong tree and falling for Papa Bear's dastardly tricks and traps, aiming to answer that one elusive question - who the newest Mole is in this season set in the Canary Islands, continuing with the sixth episode and medical evacuation of Anke!

In this episode - Logan finally reveals where he is, we sell out, Argentina proves to be the archetypical medevac-free season, we pitch another timeloop, Michael enters a tunnel, someone joins a very special list, we skip over the banana challenge, Logan thinks too hard, Anke gets a pep talk, Michael Boatman's wife has the right idea, we think of the first question to ask Gilles at the finale, it all gets a bit filthy, we debate whether the pasvragen should carry over, Yens gets a dig in, someone cheats on us but gives us a great opportunity, there is the latest update to our Predictions Pool, we can finally talk about Second Suspicions, our penultimate set of suspects is revealed and we pitch our perfect Final Three.

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We will see you next week for Episode 7!

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