Michael & Logan are back for the first of two De Mol Belgie episodes this week with the Diary of a Mole finale and interviews with the final three! In this episode:

  • When did Axel begin to suspect Elisabet?
  • What is it like to have Gilles stare at you at an execution?
  • Which elimination hurt Axel the most?
  • Was there ever a chance of Axel bungee jumping?
  • Where did the Vietnamese bungee jump come from?
  • Did Axel want to be the Mole?
  • How did Axel do his dinner party challenge?
  • What didn’t Axel get told about the tunnels?
  • Bas learns about the English subtitles.
  • How did Logan spot Elisabet so quickly?
  • When did Bas suspect Elisabet?
  • Who was on Bas’ suspect list?
  • Why did anyone suspect Joeri?
  • How cool was the Vovinam challenge?
  • It gets awkward when Logan tries a joke.
  • How is juggling so awkward?
  • Would Bas have been a good Mole?
  • How did it feel to pull the exemption card straight away?
  • When did Bas go all-in on Elisabet?
  • Did Elisabet ever stop playing the Mole?
  • Did the final test come down to time?
  • Michael opens with a very awkward question with Elisabet.
  • How did it feel for Elisabet to be told that she was the Mole?
  • Did Elisabet practice juggling?
  • Was Elisabet disappointed to be originally told she wasn’t the Mole?
  • Which briefing did Elisabet forget?
  • How did Elisabet sabotage the Old Maid game?
  • Was it hard to not tell Michaël that she was the Mole?
  • We ask for a speech about regenpijps.
  • How wrong were the rest of the cast?
  • How did Logan anger Elisabet?
  • And there’s an update from the morning after the night before.


We will be back on Thursday for a very late night recap of the episode before we’re hopefully a bit more coherent for the reunion episode next week!


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