Three years ago, we recorded one of our favourite episodes ever - a sit-down chat with Best Friend of the Podcast, Gilles de Coster! After a very generous invite to the finale of the Vietnam season and two years of pandemic-related cancellations, we felt it was time for a reunion of our own, so to finish up our De Mol Belgie: Germany coverage, we sat down with Gilles again for a very in-depth chat!

In this episode, we address the Papa Bear-shaped elephant in the room, we find out what would have happened if someone contracted COVID, there's a light bit of sport chat, we wonder if it matters that you're on the wrong Mole, Gilles explains why Belgie Lore was not broken this season, we find out whether we should feel bad for Martijn, Gilles explains how we can continue to be a supportive community, we find out how much Production were expecting Lennart to pay for an exemption, COVID causes Gilles to have missed out on the opportunity to try some challenges, we find out what rules were in place for Isidoor, Gilles explains why pasvragen & vrijstellingen cannot be saved, we find out where "Car-Pool Karaoke" came from, we wonder whether other Mole versions take themselves a bit too seriously, we get some Sven stories, Gilles reveals why Lennart didn't bring a suit, some of the weirdest application videos ever are discussed, Michael gets some post-quiz advice, we take the opportunity to get a bit cheeky, there's a definitive ruling on whether the final quiz rules will change and we look ahead to the rest of the year!

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael & Logan directly! We also have an email address for your theories!

We will see you on June 30th for the start of our old Mole coverage for the year - beginning with Wie is de Mol: Georgia!

Please note: This episode contains spoilers from all six of the Belgie seasons that we have covered (Argentina, South Africa Mexico, Vietnam, Greece & Germany), as well as discussions about certain elements of the second UK series and the French & most recent German versions of the show.

Additional note: Voting is open for the British Podcast Awards' Listeners' Choice Award. Obviously, we won't win, but it'd be nice to get some votes at!


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