Dr Hassan Zoidberg

Ben & Heather return to recap the seventh episode of Hell's Kitchen 15! This week:

  • The first preview finally comes true.
  • Heather creates a new word.
  • Some of Ben's best friends are straight.
  • There's accusations of sexism!
  • Ben refuses to do an impression.
  • Why does the term "shit sack" get uttered?
  • Someone sympathises with Joe.
  • Heather laughs at people with bad ankles.
  • Ben's lost his medical license.
  • Hassan = Zoidberg
  • Ben notices some editing mistakes.
  • "This podcast is basically us gabbing about Hell's Kitchen references for an hour".
  • Ben hopes someone doesn't have pets or children.
  • And there's tons of theories as to what happens in the next two episodes.
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