Floppy Hat Hell Demon

Ben Powell & Heather Nicole Smith return to recap the fourth and fifth episodes of Hell's Kitchen 15! This episode:

  • Find out what Cinco de Mayo is about really.
  • Chad returns from his time in the wilderness.
  • Joe is an ass.
  • Ben needs to stop "womp womp"ing.
  • Find out who hates kids more - Ben or Heather.
  • We finally find the one type of alcohol that Jackie doesn't like.
  • Someone goes full supervillain (finally!)
  • Has production been sabotaging the punishments?
  • Who is the Hell's Kitchen equivalent of Colton Cumbie?
  • Heather gets warning sirens in her head every family night.
  • Our best wishes are sent to Manda after her team swap.
  • The final black jacket predictions are locked in.
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