Heather is joined by last minute replacement Michael to recap the premiere of Hell's Kitchen's sixteenth season, as well as celebrating our one-hundred-and-fiftieth podcast. In this episode:

  • There's an in-depth explanation as to the intricacies of Australian internet and why Ben isn't here this week.
  • Why was this season under-promoted compared to Season 15?
  • Why have people already seen the episode before the season even started?
  • Michael returns to his favourite topic - Hell's Kitchen intros.
  • Who historically succeeds in the gender wars?
  • Why are shorts open-season?
  • Heather finally reveals her stance on fake boobs.
  • Devon Soltendieck makes a surprise appearance.
  • Heather butchers salmon.
  • Hats!
  • When is a signature dish not a signature dish?
  • Where could you go after selling a kidney?
  • Even as a winner, Scott is still a punching bag.
  • Why don't the sous chefs give out knives anymore?
  • How bad do you have to be to be nominated when Tableside?
  • Heather throws shade at Smash Bros players.
  • Do the cameras ever need checking?
  • There's a surprising connection between Seasons 15 & 16.
  • And there's the glorious return of Black Jacket Predictions.
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