Three of the people who make Hunted what it is, even though you probably haven't heard of them are back as Michael, Michelle & Anthony return for the final time this year to recap the end of the fifth series of Hunted UK! Each week, they'll took you through the Hunt to find ten fugitives dotted around the UK trying to evade capture by a team of crack Hunters (and Dr Donna), but now it's time for Your Time on the Run to be over!

In this episode, Michael is smug, we wonder whether HQ were on a mission to be kinder this year, the editors seem to have been having fun with certain individuals, Dan & Hayley set a new record, Ben & Rob are actually shown, we give out a family-friendly television suggestion, the Mystery of the Proposal is solved, a guest question helps us to conclude the episode and we finish by eulogising the series.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael, Michelle & Anthony directly! We also have an email address for your questions & comments!

Thank you for tuning in all series! We will be back soon, but finally for now - Your Time on the over.

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