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Avoid proving yourself to be emotionally needy, as Michael, Michelle & Anthony are back to recap Hunted UK's first series, which aired six years to the day! Over the next six weeks, they'll be going back to the heady days of 2015, hunting for clues that they missed as a team of very fresh-faced Hunters (and Bleks) searched the UK for fourteen fugitives, beginning with the premiere episode and capture of Sandra & Elizabeth!

In this episode, we take stock of how much the world has changed since Anthony graced us with his presence, there's some historical context as to why this show got commissioned in the first place, we make a potential mistake by drawing attention to some vandalism, the introduction to the episode is a potential solution to more modern Hunted complaints, Michelle learns where our theme music comes from, we give Doug's origin story, Anthony gets a bit brave, Dr Steve Hersee (Assistant to the Chief) looks happy, we find a new way to mention time, Michelle learns about laybys, Ricky loses a window, we double-check Emily's CV, Michael has a flashback to 2015 and we look ahead to next week's barnstorming episode.

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Please note: As with our Historical Mole Season coverage, this episode may contain spoilers from series that we have already covered - in this case, Series 2-5.

Additional note: After rewatching this series, we still have one question - who is Nathan Rose?

See you next week!

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