A Spot of Bothy

Find your nearest digger landmark, as Michael, Michelle & Anthony are back to recap Hunted UK's first series, which aired six years to the day! Over these six weeks, they are going back to the heady days of 2015, hunting for clues that they missed as a team of very fresh-faced Hunters (and Bleks) searched the UK for fourteen fugitives, continuing with the second episode and capture of Harinder & Davinder!

In this episode, we have a little post-Episode 1 admin to get to, Michael has a podcast recommendation, Michelle learns some rules about petitions, we delve into the murky world of race relations, there's a plea for some consistency in crime fiction, a local causes us to have a serious discussion, there's the first bit of monkeying with the timeline, we celebrate the first "COME ON!" from Danni, HQ reveal a bit too much on a whiteboard, Michelle learns the term "potatio quality", editors seem to be trying to paint Ricky as a bit of a deviant, we see our first message from Gold Command, Michelle reveals if she trusts her husband, everyone gets a bit bitter upon capture, we theorise why they introduced "Your Time on the Run is over" as a catchphrase, we look ahead to next week and Anthony has been watching the credits.

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Please note: As with our Historical Mole Season coverage, this episode may contain spoilers from series that we have already covered - in this case, Series 2-5.

Additional note: Michael would like to remind everyone that this episode was recorded in a time of social distancing - to ensure we adhered to it, Michelle was over 10,500 miles away from us.

See you next week!

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