Exit, Pursued by a Swan

Take the lease out on the van and the sunglasses, as Michael, Michelle & Anthony are back to recap Hunted UK's first series, which aired six years to the day! Over these six weeks, they are going back to the heady days of 2015, hunting for clues that they missed as a team of very fresh-faced Hunters (and Bleks) searched the UK for fourteen fugitives, continuing with the fifth episode and introduction & capture of both Freddie & Jacqui and Adam & Emma!

In this episode, Michelle proves how ridiculous the editing is this episode, we explain how you should communicate with the spirit world, Michael reveals how he spent a productive evening the night before we recorded this episode, we try and work out what actually happened in Caister-on-Sea, a grid is drawn, HQ get lucky, Emily gets some praise for the first time all series, the Parents of the Podcast take umbrage with Emily's visit home, Anthony requests a double-bluff, we try and remember as much as we can about next week and we answer the big question - did we actually hate this episode?

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Please note: As with our Historical Mole Season coverage, this episode may contain spoilers from series that we have already covered - in this case, Series 2-5.

Additional note: Can you believe we're already down to one Hunted episode left for the year? We can't! See you next week!

See you next week for the final episode of the series!

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