Sherlock’s Swear Jar

Michael & Michelle return to recap the fifth episode of Hunted’s fourth series. In this episode:

  • Where is Anthony this week?
  • Has Sherlock ever smiled before?
  • Why was Matt wearing a GoPro?
  • Anthony has a message for someone involved in the show.
  • Was the show rigged against Matt?
  • Did Matt actually do himself proud?
  • What did Matt get up to last weekend?
  • Michael gets angry.
  • Michelle explains proper nettle-cutting.
  • Where was Loren’s sister?
  • Who would Michelle contact on the show?
  • Michael sets out his terms as being an informant.
  • Are we finally confident that Ish & Nate win?
  • Should you ever trust a loitering chef?
  • We find our new favourite NPC.
  • Can you ever permanently delete data?
  • Why did they put so many people on Loren?
  • What got into all the Hunters this week?
  • Who do Ish & Nate remind us of?
  • We ask for a rule clarification.
  • What would happen if Michelle got caught?
  • Why were HQ so harsh about Loren on her exit?
  • Where do captured fugitives go?
  • Michael has perfectly calm feelings on his favourite end-game twist returning.
  • What do we know about the extraction point?
  • Michael drops a bombshell.
  • Michelle does an accidental impression.
  • What are the rules on extraction captures?
  • And we give our final theories.


We’ll be back next week for the finale!

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