And Then There Were None

Michael, Anthony & Michelle return for the final time this series to recap the Hunted Series 4 Finale Extravaganza. In this episode:

  • Why was everyone so indifferent towards this finale?
  • Did anyone see the ending coming?
  • Is the extraction point information alert necessary? 
  • Can Michelle tell Steves apart?
  • Why did Ish write anything?
  • Why was Ish’s capture so abrupt?
  • What was Frank & Harry’s motivation for going on the run?
  • Anthony gives us his favourite conspiracy theory of the week.
  • Michael breaks the swear barrier.
  • Who was meant to be the voice of reason?
  • How much money did Harry owe Frank from his winnings?
  • Would Ish & Nate have succeeded if they’d stayed together?
  • Where actually is HQ?
  • Would we have given in to £4,000?
  • Was the extraction method phone call longer than we saw?
  • How did Bleks guess they’d leave by helicopter?
  • Does the extraction method have to take them out of the country?
  • Did Frank & Harry watch Amazing Race before they went on the run?
  • Does Sherlock know geography?
  • Michelle learns about ring roads.
  • Did HQ let Nate get away?
  • Why was there a camera in the markets?
  • Michael asks the important questions.
  • Did HQ cheat to get the extraction information?
  • Should we have spotted the clean sweep coming?
  • Where was the winner’s edit?
  • We break down the final capture.
  • Did the fugitives ever stand a chance?
  • Michael has a message for the keyboard warriors.
  • Why was Matt edited in that way?
  • Why did no-one send Anthony a message this year?
  • Did the editors know about Bleks’ retirement?
  • How did the clean sweep factor into Celebrity Hunted?
  • Would the series change on a rewatch?
  • Did the clean sweep constitute fraud?
  • Why are there crowdfunding campaigns?
  • How are TV show prize pots funded?
  • There’s the results of our favourite game.
  • Who should be the next Chief?
  • We find a transatlantic friend for Doug.
  • And we close the series with our thank yous and goodbyes before something breaks.


Thank you for listening all series long - we'll be back for more Hunted episodes soon! If you're watching Wie is de Mol, we're covering that this year before Belgian Mole and Amazing Race 31! See you soon!

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