Don't linger, as there is a brand new Chief in town and she's leading the UK's worst-performing police force...and also Cleveland. Each week, three people who would never accuse the wrong neighbour - Michael, Anthony & Michelle return to recap the hunt for eleven new fugitives who are spread out all over the UK in a quest to escape capture and win a share of £100,000 - continuing with the third and fourth episodes and capture of Katie, Liam, Amarinder & Shoba.

In this episode - we have the most chaotic intro ever, and it's all Michelle's fault, there are a few tiny little rants, Michael puts his foot down, the podcast gets rebranded, we wonder why they focused on the salt bin, Michelle reveals how she motivates her children, we explain Katie & Liam's first post-caputre thoughts, Anthony gets beard envy, Michelle explains how she categorises certain interactions, Lisa gets ideas above her station, we explain why Hunted can't be live streamed, Sarah does something for the first time in seven years, Amarinder is very Sydney, Michelle makes a foul accusation, Michael fulfils a promise, Catherine obviously gets praised, Michelle explains what would happen if Hunted Australia came to New South Wales, Anthony spoils a joke, we try and work out what happened with Instagram, our final predictions get locked in, we skirt around knowing the extraction point and Anthony wonders if the scheduling has made the series look worse.

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See you next week for the final two episodes!

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