Attach the series to a jersey and lift it to the rafters, as there is a brand new Chief in town and she's leading the UK's worst-performing police force...and also Cleveland. Over the last three weeks, three people working on bridging the North-South divide - Michael, Anthony & Michelle have returned to recap the hunt for eleven new fugitives who are spread out all over the UK in a quest to escape capture and win a share of £100,000 - concluding with the final two episodes, capture of Abi, Grace & James and escape of Nathan & Sarah.

In this episode - we discuss our respective weeks for once, Michael hates to be smug, we draw attention to friend of the podcast Rob's video, a Hunter does an AMA, some monkeying with the timeline is finally spotted, the answer to a query we had last week is given (by a fugitive!), Michelle learns about onion rings, Anthony is disappointed when someone gets a confessional, we go behind the curtain to reveal how the radio interviews work, history repeats itself for Karl, Michelle has questions about the Angel of the North, there's a big old First World Problem, the public get a rare bit of praise, the editors forget to disguise the Overt Agent, there's a live rewatch as Michelle needs to hear an insult, Anthony loses touch with the common man (must be very nice), Michael explains how the Hunters got a boat, we reveal the rule for extraction, there's some insider information about what Nathan may have done with his share of the winnings, we debate if there's a chance we'll be covering Hunted Australia and Michelle is asked to say something nice for once about the Chief.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube or you can tweet Michael, Michelle & Anthony directly! We also have an email address for your questions & comments and you can also help support the podcast via our Patreon! To watch Rob's video answering all the common queries, you can click here.

See you very soon for more episodes - beginning with Wie is de Mol: Japan on Wednesday June 29th (or June 22nd if you join our Patreon!), but for now - Your Time on the Run is over.

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