Extracting Hipster Monty

Michael & Anthony return to recap the first episode of CBS' new smash-hit programme, Hunted! In this episode:

  • What sort of parent lets their children listen to us?
  • Why is Lex Luthor involved in Hunted?
  • Contortionist Cameramen.
  • The pre-titles went a little bit Mole.
  • Why do we already love Lee & Hilmar?
  • Does Matt play basketball?
  • Anthony asks a stupid question.
  • Have one team of hunters been cloned?
  • We talk about Wonderful Georgia.
  • Is the Extraction Point getting creative already?
  • Why was the first team caught channelling a forgotten UK team?
  • We ask for more Bleks.
  • Who is the new Intern Simon?
  • What are the Gladiators up to?
  • Michael reveals hypothetical tactics.
  • Why should one Hunter change their Twitter name?
  • What is Gold Command?
  • We start a book club.
  • What is the Golden Rule?
  • We discuss some euphemistic names for relationships.
  • How do we see the episodes panning out?
  • A British fugitive returns.
  • We actually learn something.
  • Where is Michelle?
  • What should the episode title actually have been?
  • And who will be caught next?
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