Michael, Michelle & Anthony return to recap the second episode of Hunted US' first season. In this episode:

  • Why was there a one-hour premiere then a double-episode?
  • We've had some awkward cast interactions.
  • CBS Cliffhangers.
  • There's a deeply predictable couple of references.
  • Why are so many people from Atlanta?
  • It all goes a bit French Mole.
  • How many TAR recruits are there?
  • Is Buck a real name?
  • Does the UK have home invasions?
  • Production have no timeline etiquette.
  • How is the edit spoiling us?
  • Michael asks for a job.
  • Michelle is heartless.
  • Should you get a burner phone?
  • Michael was a huge baby.
  • Who is the George Foreman of Hunted?
  • What do you do with a liability?
  • Can fugitives separate?
  • One fugitive gets a new nickname.
  • How do you tell a kayak & a canoe apart?
  • Why are the US public so helpful?
  • Was there a risk of a crocodile or alligator attack?
  • One team use a tactic that we advocated.
  • How does Mail Monitoring work in the US?
  • Michael gloats.
  • We talk filenames.
  • Michelle should go on Australian Survivor.
  • Anthony is a GoPro nerd.
  • Badly designed wanted posters.
  • Michelle's film night takes a wild turn.
  • Which came first - the Hunter or the Fugitive?
  • We search Michelle's Facebook and search history.
  • Who actually sold out Troy & Chele?
  • Who gets the MVP award?
  • And who will be caught next?
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