Outwit, Outplay, Outsass

Michael, Michelle & Anthony return once more to recap the third episode of Hunted US' first season! In this episode:

  • Michelle is still heartless.
  • Ry-Phi gets a new nickname.
  • We've had some rare good feedback!
  • Just how much influence did the British series have?
  • We discuss spoilery trailers.
  • There's some creative editing.
  • Will anyone actually win?
  • Why are the Hunters being portrayed sympathetically?
  • Stop ringing & texting everyone!
  • The Hunters are multiplying.
  • There's an apology to Twitter.
  • What is the British Florida?
  • Michelle hates someone's mother.
  • Michael has a thing against door-to-door salesmen.
  • Someone starts a feud.
  • Our MVP is the least-surprising choice ever.
  • Michael & Anthony find something in common.
  • Michelle knows the plot of Deliverance.
  • One team gets two CBS pilots.
  • The timeline theory from last week returns.
  • Michelle makes an assumption and Michael has a theory.
  • We all get a bit confused about the mechanics of a butt dial.
  • Griff tries not to swear.
  • We lock in a winner pick.
  • Someone pre-emptively listened to Michael.
  • What was Hilmar's reaction to the butt dial?
  • What will be Sentra & Thu's downfall?
  • We discuss how you hide a number plate.
  • What are the rules we don't know about?
  • Why are Hunted fans so skeptical?
  • We voice suspicions.
  • Who will have a terribly awkward Thanksgiving?
  • Michelle gets angry.
  • We write an Australian Survivor biography.
  • Which Hunter looks like a geocacher?
  • Everyone needs to learn some French.
  • What characteristic sets Team Hotel apart?
  • We analyse boat speeds.
  • There's more CBS fakery.
  • Who will be captured next?
  • And what effect will Flat Cap Charlie have on the next UK series?
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